Partying Southern Style

For those of you who don’t know I just went to New Orleans for my friends 21st birthday, and it was awesome.  I am in LOVE with the city of New Orleans.  We were only there for 48 hours so it was a quick trip but did not lack in adventure.  The party is always on here.  I have never been to a city where I could feel the soul.  I know thats a strange thing to say but its true when people say New Orleans is a soulful city.  The people, food, music, and history makes this a city you wont want to pass up.

During our trip we stayed at the Sheraton hotel, off Canal Street.  The rooms were great and the staff was very helpful.  Plus it is only a short walk to Bourbon Street. 


We engorged ourselves in southern foods like jambalaya, cajun seafood, and beignets.  The beignets were by far my favorite but I do love my sweets. 

Bourbon Street kept its reputation of a good time.  Everyone we met was very welcoming and ready to party.  People from all over the world come here to get a glimpse of the party. 


On our first night we were able to get the birthday girl a ride on the mechanical bull, dance on stage and steal the show.  This is a great place for anyones 21st.  We spent the bar hopping and meeting new people every chance we got. 


The next morning we walked out of our hotel to a Christmas parade.  The people of New Orleans showed us their Christmas spirit and made Canal Street their personal runway.  Little girls from the age of 3 to much older danced and sang through the cold.  I give everyone in the parade props because it was not a warm day.  We then joined a newlyweds personal parade after their wedding down Bourbon Street.  I was also volunteered into a street act. I had to throw knives at the performer in front of a crowd of people.  Talk about an adrenal rush. 


We did our fair share of shopping and picked up numerous souvenirs. That evening we spent a decent amount of time walking Bourbon Street seeing how many beads we could collect. (Yes, tops on the whole time)  And that led us to meeting a southern bachelor party.  We decided to join their party for a while.  We spent the remainder of the night laughing, drinking, and enjoying this crazy city. 


If I had to explain what New Orleans is to someone I would say it like Las Vegas but southern style.  The party never ends much like Vegas but the food, music, and people makes this place different from anywhere else.  I recommend this soulful city for anyone looking for a party with a southern twist. 



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