May The Course Be With You.

During the summers I work at a golf course here in town and in turn, get free golf.  I played golf in high school but never really got into it.  That is until I discovered how much fun it was to play with friends.  When you play high school golf you are forced to play against girls from different schools so you don’t know each other.  This was fine for competition but golfing with a group of friends is much more fun.  Here are a few things to remember next time you hit the golf course.IMG_8817.JPG

1. Golf Clubs, of course.

Golf clubs are expensive so if you have your own then you’re already ahead of the curve.  However, if you don’t have your own set of clubs you can rent them from the pro-shop for usually a small fee, or sharing with your partner is also very possible. 

2. Hydrate

FullSizeRfender 6.jpg

If you’re playing all 18 holes you are going to be out there for several hours so make sure you hydrate.  And when I say hydrate I mean go pick up a six pack of beer at the bar before you head out.  You can even grab a water if you feel the necessity to actually be hydrated. 

3.  SunscreenIMG_8790.jpg

Again you are going to be out for hours standing directly under sun.  So make sure you put on some sunscreen and protect yourself.  If you don’t take this advice you may end up with some ugly tan lines.   Which leads me to #4

4. Collared shirtsIMG_8819.jpg

Golf does have a dress code.  This always applies for the men, they must wear a collared shirt.  Women also have a dress code that is a little more relaxed but aren’t strict on the collars for girls.  Make sure you don’t have to buy clothes there and pick up a polo or nice workout gear from your local store. 

5. Good People


The people that you golf with can make or ruin your golf trip.  Get an idea of why you are there.  If you want to have fun but the people you are with are super competitive then that will alter your experience.  Whether you’re out for the win or just there for the sun and beer having good friends by your side will make it that much better.  Remember don’t get down on yourself.  Golf is a hard sport and if you mess up on one hole, you have 17 more to change it.  Keep your attitude positive and you are bound to have a good time.  A bad attitude is worse than a bad swing.  So smile, drink beer and let the course be with you.  IMG_8787.jpg



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