Friends Make The Memory

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In your lifetime you will have countless friends come in and out of your life but only few are there for the long haul.  Having these few friends are crucial.  These are the people that overtime have become family.  You have chose to keep these people close to you for certain reasons.  They share in your values and become important parts of your life. Personally I could not survive without my girlfriends.  My friends are there to help me talk through things, encourage me, and most importantly stand by my side when things get rough.  Traveling and experiencing new adventures can sometimes be scary and overwhelming.  Thats why traveling with this friendship family of yours is always a good idea and here’s why.

  1. They’ve Got Your Back.

    FullSizeRender 9.jpgWhether your going out on the town or going shopping you are going to want someone trustworthy.  Sometimes you need a girlfriend to encourage you or push you out of your comfort-zone.  They are best at this when you’re needing a pep-talk before you go talk to that cute guy at the bar.  They are also there to hold your hair when the tequila has gotten to be to strong.  They are there when you cant decide if that dress makes you look fat or not.  Real friends are there to tell you, “yes, that dress isn’t quite flattering but we will find something that is.”  Its important you have someone to lean on when things get to be to much.  True friends will be that friendly reminder that you are not alone in this crazy world. 

2. They Understand You.IMG_3957.JPG

No one quite understands you like your family does.  When the rest of the world is telling you, that you’re wrong and what you are doing doesn’t make sense, they are there to say “I get it, don’t worry.”  Sometimes I think I’m the weirdest person in the world until my friends top me by doing something even weirder.  And all those not funny jokes that you think are hilarious, well chances are they probably think its hilarious too.  I am happiest when I can be myself and the pressure of the world is gone.  True friends help you realize your own potential and allow you to be yourself.   

3.  They Make The MemoryIMG_3692.JPG

On a daily basis you are making memories.  Whether that be from the smallest ones of jamming in the car, to the monumental changes in your life.  The people that are there to share and rejoice in those moments are the ones you want in your life.  The precious memories you make with these friends will be the ones you cling to for the rest of your life.  I love singing at the top of my lungs with a car full of girls, or dancing like theres no tomorrow with my girlfriends by my side.  Being able to share these experiences with the people that mean the most to you, make them that much better. 


My friends are my world and I cant imagine my life without them.  They can always make my day brighter.  There are just some people in your life that make you laugh a little harder, smile a little bigger, and live just a little bit better.  I hope you have these people in your life and if you do cherish their friendship because they’re your rocks.


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