Lets Fly to Christiania’s

If you ever find yourself in Copenhagen, Denmark and have already checked off all the safe touristy things to do in the city then I’ve got the place for you.  My advice is to take a ride to a place called Christiania’s also known as Freetown Christiania’s.  Christiania’s is the commune/community made up of Copenhagen citizens that have chosen the gypsy lifestyle.


While in Copenhagen we decided to go check it for ourselves.  We took taxi out to the there and while on the way, our the taxi driver told us that we should expect to fly.  We both were confused to what he meant.  When he dropped us off at the gate, we watched as several groups of people consistently walked.  This gave us the reassurance we were needing.  However, on the way in we caught a glimpse of a sign saying no cameras or pictures were allowed once you entered.  This again put questions in my mind as to what we were in for but proceeded anyways. 


The first thing we saw were huge skateboard half pipes that were covered from top to bottom with graffiti art, and a large group of guys laughing and taking shots.  As we continued there were numerous vendors selling everything from blankets and food to marijuana pipes and gas mask.  We scanned the booths and picked up a few items such as earrings, and stickers and continued our walk. D042_rt.jpg

The actually property is around 5 acres.  Christiania has created much controversy since it began in a squatted military area in 1971. The police and the city of Copenhagen has tired to eliminate the commune but they keep coming back.  The police have seemed to turn the other cheek when it comes to this 5 acres of madness. 


I didn’t quite realize why the police even needed to be involved because when I looked around I saw children playing together, friends jamming out to music, and the happiness that truly lived within those 5 acres.  However, once we came to the “Green District” I knew exactly why they wanted to control this place.  For blocks and blocks there were booths on both side with masked men behind them. Everywhere you looked there was green.  They were selling everything under the moon that was green and friendly.  


We walked through and made our way to the water.  There were people down by the water playing guitar and drinking beer.  We sat and listened for a while and then moved on.  We came back to the main stage where they were setting up for the next band.  We got ourselves a beer and sat down to talk.  There were people from all over the world there and they all seemed as if they knew each other for years.  We laughed and enjoyed the music until the sun went down.  The weather began to drop so we decided to bid our farewells to Christiania and our friends we made on go home. 


As we rode home we couldn’t help but laugh at the insanity and fun we had just experienced.  If you can get past any reservations you might have about marijuana or the lifestyle that often comes with it, and enjoy the people and place, then I promise you’ll have a great time. 


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