First Stop, Stockholm Sweden

The very first stop whenever you begin a big adventure somewhat sets the tone of the trip.  Luckily, Stockholm Sweden was the city to set our travel mood.  For those of you who haven’t gone to Sweden or anywhere in Northern Europe, you’re missing out.  The land scape, the history, and the beautiful people are all reasons you should go visit the Scandinavian area. 

FullSizeRender e6.jpgStockholm is a lively city surrounded by water and history.  This is probably the town I explored the most in one day.  From morning to evening my sister, brother, and I walked 13 miles just sightseeing.FullSizeRenderx 7.jpg

There is so much to see its hard to see it all.  We walked through parks, alleys, and streets just to look at the houses at the end of the block. FullSizeRender 9.jpg

IMG_0177.JPGThere are several museums to check out such as the one we saw The Swedish Musem of Natural History.  The architecture is all very old but well taken care of. IMG_0156.JPG

The people of Sweden are all models.  I don’t know why but that region of the world is absolutely gorgeous.  All the men and women blonde headed, blue eyed, and groomed to perfection.  These upright citizens also have a key sense for fashion. FullSizeRender 84.jpg

While we were there we went and checked out the Tivoli.  This is the amusement park for Europe.  However this was no normal amusement park, it was huge and scary. 

IMG_0169.JPGNow, I love rollercoasters and rides but Sweden pushes the limits with these rides.  No government regulations went into this park of awesomeness.  This is probably the funnest amusement park I’ve gone to for that reason.  We rode rides all evening and then a concert broke out in the middle of the park.  Hundreds gathered for this Swedish pop queen, so obviously we joined the party and jammed all night. IMG_0171.JPG

We left the city with countless memories and a better understanding of how European towns work.  We learned to ride the metro and bargain with street vendors.  Stockholm, Sweden is the perfect city for any new traveler to start their journey.  The Swedish will welcome you with open arms and allow you to comfortably discover the city. 


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