A Swiss Cabin Escape

Have you ever wanted to go somewhere completed isolated from the rest of world? Well, if you haven’t, then take a trip to Bellwald, Switzerland.  Population 447! We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into when we booked a room at the Hotel Wannenhorn.  While on the road you try to keep things cheap and when we saw a cheap room there we thought why not. 


Let me begin by telling you that if you have a EuroRail Pass then it does not work on this particular train.  Second thing you should know is, you buy the ticket ON the train.  We were kicked off the train because we didn’t have tickets but the ticket man fail to tell us you got them from him.  We got back on the train and made our way until the stop at Bellwald. 


When we got off the train all we saw was a huge bridge and a town on the other side.  We assumed this was Bellwald, so quickly ran, to cross this amazing bridge.  As we got to the other side we discovered Bellwald was back up the hill we just ran down.  Sadly we made our way back up the hill and to where the train dropped us off.  There was no way to Bellwald but a single gondola up the mountain.  So we road it up. 

IMG_1508.JPGWe checked into our hotel, then were taken to our rooms.  As the women showed us around she explained they serve dinner every night for 50 euro! So we admittedly asked where the grocery store was and she explained right down the road but it was closing in 10mins.  We bolted out the road and ran down the street.  We told the shop keeper we would only be a minute and she stared at us as we frantically grabbed whatever we needed for the next 3 DAYS!IMG_1560.JPG

We returned to our room with a strange assortment of food and realized we have no way to keep it cold.  So I went outside, filled the grocery sacks with snow and made ourself a little fridge on the balcony of our room.  There was no TV and very little WiFi but we kept ourselves entertained with the views, wine, and card games. 


The next day we explored the town and enjoyed the peace and quite.  Everyone in the town gathered around the town church Sunday morning and sang with joy.  Their laughs filled the small and empty town, and left us feeling welcome and full of love.  Getting to this secret gem is somewhat of a nightmare but I promise you the peace you’ll find in the middle of Swiss Alps will leave you feeling humbled and grateful.  


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