Cancun Lettin’ Your Inner Freak Fly

Everyone dreams of the crazy college spring break but sometimes don’t know where would be the best place.  Well look no longer because I’ve got the answer. Cancun, Mexico! Cancun is the best place to go for spring breakers for so many reasons.  And going to Cancun with your girlfriends on spring break is the best time you can imagine. IMG_3719.JPG

The beach.  After a long semester at school your brain is ready for a little vitamin-SEA! Its time to relax and enjoy the sun.  Cancun is a main destination for college spring breakers so everyone on the beach is around your same age.  Not only is everyone the same age but everyone is there to party. IMG_3722.JPG

The best way to go when spring breaking is the all-inclusive route.  I found this to be the best options because a) you get unlimited drinks, and b) you get at least 3 solid meals a day so you can manage all the tequila.  The hotels are all located right on the beach so you can easily walk 5 mins from your room to the beach. IMG_3718.JPG

FullSizeRender 6.jpgWhen you’re not bouncing from the beach to the pool you can go check out the town. The main town has several shopping centers and restaurants that are a ton of fun to check out.  I would recommend Señor Frogs for a good time.  This place doesn’t stop the party for anyone.  It is a must on the party parade. 


The main strip is full of bars and clubs.  You don’t have to drive any further because everything you need is in one concentrated area.  The clubs are a ton of fun and have an open front so you can party with people on the street.  They can be a little pricy so bargain with the promoters to get a good deal for you and your friends. IMG_3815.JPG

Whether you’re on a spring break trip with all your girlfriends or on a trip with your significant other Cancun will not disappoint.  This party town allowed me to forget about school and reality and gave me that sun kissed sunburn I was looking for.  Don’t hesitate when thinking about your next spring break trip and make the trip to Cancun.  I promise you’ll let your inner freak fly!IMG_3692.JPG


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