Keeping it Fashion Foward in Paris

So everyone has heard that Paris is the fashion capital of the world, right? Well if you haven’t then here is your official heads up.  Paris is fashionable people!IMG_487522.jpg

When we were leaving for Europe we were told don’t wear flashy things, try and dress kinda plain.  That was literally the worst advice we followed the whole trip.  Wearing those plain clothes brought more attention to us.  It was showing the fact we did not fit in with the norm and made it obvious we were Americans.  Being American is awesome but when you’re traveling you like to feel like a local and fit in with their culture.  So your next trip to Europe and especially your next trip to Paris these are the clothing items you won’t want to forget!

IMG_484u8.jpg1. The Essential Black Leather Jacket

You will not find a European that does not own a black leather jacket.  These things are EVERYWHERE! My sister and I sat at a coffee shop one day and just counted the number of leather jackets we saw.  The total was easily in the double digits within the first 5 minutes. 

2. The Classic Black Skinny Jeans

Okay skinny jeans are the only kind of jeans men and women wear.  So whether you remember your black or regular denim just don’t show up in old bell-bottoms.  Black is their favorite color so even if you’re not a black kinda person you will feel chic in this outfit.mag12.jpg

3.  Converse or Booties

White Converse are super big over there with the black jacket, black jeans combo.  So its time to invest  in Converse if you haven’t already.  If you only have some booties bring those because those can easily step up any outfit.  My advice if you can bring them both, do.  You will appreciate having some tennis shoes to wear as well as some boots if it get cold.

IMG_4750 c.jpg

4. Accessories

My favorite accessory is a hat.  I absolutely love hats.  I think a hat can completely transform a outfit to make it look chic and put together.  Hats are also key for those mornings you don’t wash your hair. 😉  Another favorite accessory of mine are sunglasses. They can always add some style and protecting your eyes is always a plus.IMG_484z51.jpg 

So next time you’re on an adventure and need a little European style to zest things up remember these tips.  Black is always in and always look good on everyone.  That is fact. So when in doubt, add some black. 


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