Honky-Tonkin’ Country Jam

Dirt flying, beer drinking, girl swinging, honky-tonkin’ good times.  That is the best way and only way I can sum up what is one of the funnest country music festivals in the Western United States.  Country Jam is tradition, it is summertime church for the people in Western Colorado.  The Jam is what we look forward to all summer and when it finally comes its time to let loose. 


The festival is a four day event starting on Thursday morning, ending Sunday night.  And the party that goes along doesn’t stop until Monday morning when its time to pack up and head home.  The first thing you’ll see when driving up on this country festival is thousands of lined up campers, decked out with beer and the American Flag.  People bring their entire lives with them to Country Jam.  I once was at a camper with SIX flatscreen TVs! They don’t mess around when it comes to their campers and country music. 


Once you’re in the festival the vendors begin.  Selling everything from homemade jewelry and clothes, to pictures of you in giant lawn chairs.  Everyone is trying to sell you something and sometimes its nice to just hear what they have to say to get out of the heat.  Summers in Western Colorado are hot!IMG_4416.JPG

That leads me to my next and favorite point.  The outfits! Or the lack of.  Like I said it is super hot so clothing is minimal.  The basic attire you will see girls in are daisy dukes, crop tops, and boots or the classic dress and boots.  The guys will usually be in jeans and boots. No shirts. 😉 No shoes, no shirt, no problem that what I like to say! My main man Kenney Chesney who will be at the jam summer 2017, also likes to say that!


IMG_4430.JPGTrace is such a hottie!

The artist that attend this festival are amazing.  I have seen some of the greats such as; Trace Adkins, Toby Keith, Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, Miranda Lambert and so many more.  They start the shows at 3:00pm every afternoon and end around 12:30a.m. Throughout the day they will show people just starting their careers, to artist who are winning Grammy Awards. 

IMG_4423.JPGWhile the artist are signing the crowd is getting crazy.  Everyone is either signing at the tops of their lungs, or swinging their partners around the dirt dance floor.  After the show end everyone migrates to the campgrounds to replenish.  You’ve got about an hour or so to get a couple beers, rest your feet and make your way back for the next dance party. 


If you miss out on the dance party inside don’t worry because there are actual dance floors set up at the campgrounds.  The party continues all night and all day.  Country people know how to get down with the best of them and are the nicest group of people you’ll meet.  So if you ever find yourself in Colorado in June don’t miss out on one of the best 4 day parties we have to offer!


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