3 Things to Remember in Vegas

Las Vegas, the city of sin.  The name does not disappoint and if you have ever been to Vegas, you understand.  This is the place to come and party until you drop as well as drop all the money you have in your savings.  Which is usually not a good thing, especially if you’re on the college budget like I am.  Vegas is a quick 45min flight from where I live, so we go there quite often for fun girls trips.  Throughout these trips I have learned a few things that I thought may be helpful for anyone that hasn’t gone yet.


The first thing you need to remember when you go to Vegas is your party clothes.  When you are packing remember this is Vegas baby the bigger the better.  So pull out that sequence dress you bought because you thought you absolutely had to have it and wear it like theres no tomorrow.  The clubs have dress codes, so if you’re not in a sexy something and heels they most likely will not let you in.  The same goes for guys, you need to wear your Sunday best minus the church aspect and insert that swagger.  So just remember to dress to impress.


Second thing to remember is don’t buy drinks at the club!  Vegas is crazy expensive and once you’re inside the club it doubles.  My advice would be to buy alcohol down the street somewhere and pregame in the room.  Vegas has an open container policy so you can take your drink and have as much as you want until you go in.  You may have to buy one once you’re in but at least do the majority of the drinking for cheap outside the club. 


Third thing to remember is determine how much money you are okay with losing before you hit the gambling floors.  Once you’re at the BlackJack table walking away is hard if you have more cash in your pocket.  Know how much you can lose and still be okay and only bring that amount of money.  You and your bank account will thank you when you return home.


Finally remember to have fun.  Las Vegas has so many options of activities and eating; if you’re with a group sometimes personalties clash and everyone wants to do something different.  Just remember that you’re in Las Vegas and whatever you chose to do will be eventful and exciting.  The city of sin doesn’t disappoint when you’re needing a little adventure and excitement in your life. 


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