The Hidden Gem Outside Amsterdam

Most everyone knows about Amsterdam, the city of bikes and sex, but not many know of the hidden gem that lays 43.5km southwest of that crazy city.  This hidden gem I speak of is Noordwijk, Netherlands.  This quaint like European town is only a population of 25,000 but is certainly not lacking in life.

We booked a room at the Flying Pig Hostel, which was located in Noordwijk. 31f119b92cbd5cd878d2a7c5bb916ec3.jpg

We didn’t know that at that time of the booking.  It was cheap, only 11euro a night and had great reviews so we just booked it.  This ended up being the coolest hostel we stayed at during the trip! 

Once we got off the train we caught a bus to the hostel and the bus driver was greatly helpful and dropped us off at the front door.  The building was a hole in the wall but we already liked the vibe.  When we walked in there were several people sitting at the bar drinking and smoking.  The guy who checked us in was awesome and even gave us a “free check in beer.”  We were the only ones who got free check in beers! 😉 52bdd18b3ecd31e0ee46edb50a1a339f.jpgAs we sat at the bar drinking our beers the workers called us out for being American.  We asked how they knew we were Americans, they claimed it was because we were carrying water bottles.  I thought that was very strange but nonetheless funny. 

After dropping our bags off in the room we decided to walk literally across the street to the beach.  This beach was breathtaking in it’s simplicity.  Almost an empty beach but a few locals walking their dogs and couples with children strolling up and down the shore.  We sat there for hours reminiscing about our trip and how perfect the evening was.  As the sun sat behind the water and the temperature dropped we craved Mexican food for the first time since we left America.  We walked down the beach a little while before finally topping the hills to where the restaurants were and long behold a Mexican restaurant.  Also the first one we had seen all trip.  So we engulfed our body weights in these delicious crispy shelled enchiladas and made our way back to the hostel. IMG_0839.JPG

When we arrived back at the hostel the party was on.  Beer pong games were being played, people taking shots, and the smoke room was nearly impossible to see through.  They allowed you to bring your own alcohol so everyone was carrying their different drinks of choice.   We joined in on the party and had one of the best times meeting the people who worked and lived there and all the other travelers.  I’ll let you in on a secret.  I actually met a guy from Colorado too and ended up traveling together and later on dating.  So you never know what kind of magic this little town will bring. FullSizeRender2 4.jpg

The rest of our stay was absolutely incredible and actually ended up staying a few extra nights.  So if you are ever in the Netherlands take yourself to this little beach town.  You won’t regret it, I promise.  The people are incredible, the food is fantastic and the simplicity will allow you to step back from the madness of the cities and relax. 


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