Must Do’s in Portland

Portland is weird.  That is a fact, but it is a must if you love exploring new weird cities. 

The city of Portland has it’s own character.  People from every shape, size, and color roam the streets looking for their own identities.  When going to visit this bizarre place remember to keep an open mind of the new amazing people that live there.  With every corner you turn you are bound to meet someone incredible or at least someone new and different from your norm.  The city is not complete without the people but the landmarks and things to do in that region alone would make someone want to visit.  Next time you visit Portland make sure you hit these awesome places that make Portland who they are.

-Stroll the Japanese Gardens-

The Japanese Gardens are intimate space to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the city.


This gem is located in the scenic West Hills of Portland and is approximately 5.5 acres of beauty.  The garden features five separate garden styles, bubbling streams, a tea house  and a ton wooden walkways and bridges.  It is worth the trip of their to get some inner peace and a little exercise.

-VooDoo Donuts-11476d23011681eb744dd803827cc517.jpg

This unique donut shop will get you thinking of voodoo dolls and magic with their crazy shaped donuts.  They have every variety of donuts and in all shapes leaving you feeling satisfied with your inner spooky side.  Remember this is a big tourist attraction and amazing donuts so there will be a line, so be prepared to wait. 

 -Visit the Columbia River Gorge-IMG_4707 2.JPG

East of Portland sits the breath taking Columbia River Gorge.  This area is home to serval beautiful waterfalls with easy hiking access.  Take the time to drive all the way down to Multnomah Falls.  This is by far the favorite and most crowded.  This two-tiered waterfall plunges 620 feet and you can walk right up feeling the mist from it.  There are numerous other waterfalls that you able to hike right off the main road.  Remember to take the time to drive to the observation center where you can see where Washington and Oregon connect.  Super cool site to experience. 

-Coffee at Stumptown-


Portland is known for coffee and Stumptown is the best.  There are coffee shops all over the city serving the best and richest coffee I have drank since Italy.  I went there at least two times a day while in Portland. However, I do have a slight…okay large coffee addiction but I swear its amazing so don’t miss out. 

-Visit Powell’s City of Books-

This is the largest used bookstore in the world.  These massive building are filled from head to toe with every book you can possible think of.  We spent hours in there just admiring all the books and how old some of the ones they carry are.  This book store will lengthen your reading list by at least triple and leave you wanting to burry yourself in a blanket and read until the sun comes up. FullSizeRender 4.3jpg.jpg

-Drink Tons of Beer-

This hipster town is known for its craft beer.  The best way to experience the full Portland craft beer is to do a pub crawl or tour.  We decided to do a pub crawl and it was the best decision.  Many locals and tourist partake in the pub crawl so its a great way to try local favorites and get to know some awesome people.  The beer in this city will keep you hopping for more and more hops each bar you travel to. Photo-Aug-18-4-33-22-PM.jpeg

Those are my main request that you check out when visiting this hipster city.  The world is such a beautiful place and Oregon was one of the most breathtaking places i’ve been to.  I would recommend this for anyone wanting a different experience then the normal city.


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