New Orleans for 21

Okay everyone, so I am getting so so so excited because my friends and I are going to NEW ORLEANS in 17 days! And we are not just going for any vacation but the mother-load of vacations and that would be for my best friends 21st motha-truckin birthday!13698067_1219393541418576_6814819314129813421_o.jpg

When my best friend Callie started talking about things to do for her birthday I immediately pounced on the opportunity of traveling somewhere far.  We had tossed the idea of New Orleans back and forth but never really made any permanent plans until we found the deal we couldn’t pass up.  If you read any of my previous blogs you would know I swear by Skyscanner.  I got an update one morning about a price drop so I had to do some investigating. The price was almost $150 cheaper making it $123 round trip! So…. long story short I bought her ticket(birthday gift) and my ticket. Our sister are joining and we are all going to go party down south!

Now I have never been to New Orleans so I have been doing my research like crazy and these are the things I know we are absolutely doing.

  1. Bourbon Street

In the heart of the French Quarter is Bourbon Street. It is basically New Orleans oldest neighborhood.  Most of you probably know it for its bars and strip clubs, but is also an amazing place with music, food, and soul and will make you feel like you can go back in time hundreds of years.0c772524d2c406a39e60f884a92ff694.jpg

2. House of Blues

This mysterious and bewitching music house will leave us feeling soulful.  This joint is a place we plan to visit to get some real authentic blues music and hang with the locals. d2157a8e31c2ff83cabf6971b84f109e.jpg

3. Shop at the French Market

We plan to stroll down the alleys of this local market.  You can find anything from fresh produce to clothes, to jewelry and more.  The local vendors fill their shops with everything you made need during your trip.2b6771f42c8121f344b62a848a4fa848.jpg

4. Eat Beignets

91f5c4e5cd96f9aa398ebaeaf23102ce.jpgOh, I plan to be engorging in these little delicious deep fried desserts.  This is New Orleans signature dessert and we won’t want to miss out on any of the culture.  The breading is deep fried and topped with a generous sprinkle of powder sugar! Yumm


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