Things to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an amazing city with canals and bikes around every corner. The streets are filled with laughter, food, sex, and the smell of marijuana lingering throughout. A destination everyone in their 20’s should take. The experiences you gain from this one city alone will leave you thinking and dreaming of the next time you’ll return.



These are a few attractions and things you should definitely check out!

1. Rent a BIKE!

-A bike is crucial to your transportation around the city. We are talking about The City of Bikes here so you almost look funny if you don’t have a bike.fullsizerender-5

– Most all of the hostels you stay at will rent you a bike for a fairly cheap. I think we got ours for $7 a day. If you’re not staying in a hostel, there are bikes to rent on the bike racks for a weekly rate.

2. The Ann Frank House

– GET THERE EARLY! I have no idea why we didn’t anticipate a huge line but it was forever long and it only got worse as the morning went on. So get there before it opens or be prepared to wait and bring snacks. IMG_0744 3.JPG

-The cost is only 9 euros so it is totally squeezable into the budget. I would definitely recommend buying tickets online before you go. The earlier the better with the Ann Frank House.

-Totally worth the wait! I know the line is long and you may not want to wait but I guarantee you, its worth it. The feeling you have after leaving the house is unimaginable. You will leaving feeling sadden, grateful, happy, and a million other emotions. This is not an attraction you will want to skip.

3. The Red Light District

– First thing you need to know is it is a crazy bizarre experience so prepare yourself. I would advice taking a free tour with your hostel or hotel for your first time through. My sister and I decided to stroll down the district around 1am after finishing our evening and the vibe was a little different then the afternoon walk through.

4. Canal Cruise

FullSizeRender 3.jpg-Take a ride down the famous canals of this beautiful city, while enjoying wine and cheeses. Experience the city from the
middle staring out as you float down the middle of streets watching everyone.
-Even if you don’t even the magical ride down the canals, packing a lunch and eating by the water is just as nice. My sister and I spend everyday eating lunch by the canals.

5. Van Gogh Museum

-This is an incredible collection of Van Gogh’s work dating from his beginning work to his later years. I would advice anyone to take the time whether you’re an art person or not. Plus when else will you be able to view some of Van Gogh’s original art.

6. Heineken Experience

If you love Heineken then you can’t miss out on learning more beer and drinking some freshly brewed brewskis.The tour lasts nearly 2 hours with tons of activities, two free beers, plus a free souvenir. world-of-heineken.jpg


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