Getting There

I am constantly getting asked how are you able to travel all the time? How are you able to go without worrying? How do you find the money and time? I always find that question slightly amusing because its so easy to go when you have decided you are going.  Once I know where I want to go and why I want to go I start the searching process.     

The searching process consist of several things:

     1. Start searching all the couches for extra money

            -Dig through purses, old birthday cards or anywhere else you may hide extra $$$

      2. Search flight websites and apps (my fave is the SkyScanner app)    skyscanner

           -I find it helpful to have to the cheap flight updates on if you have chosen to download a traveling app. 

       3. Research what to do once you get there

           -Pinterest is full of great travel itinerary ideas (visit my pinterest page is full of them)

       4. Finally start searching for housing  (Hostel World is my top)  hostelworld

         -Hostels are great choice for cheap and easy living accommodations plus a great way to  meet other travelers.

After you have dumped every piggy bank you have ever own then its time to make it a point to put away a little money each week.  You will really be surprised how much you can save by just continually adding to it.   By doing this you get excited for the trip you are saving for as well as have a deeper appreciation for the experience once it comes. 

So you’re probably thinking that I am just stating the obvious and want to know the real secret? Well here it is….BUY THE TICKET!img_0051

That is my big advice.  If you get anything from this blog let it be to just buy the damn ticket! Don’t think about work, boyfriends or anyone or anything else.  Think about the fact that you want to go and you’re making it happen.  

As soon as you have enough money in your account to buy the ticket and still have food to eat then do it.  Otherwise you will put it off until you give up on the idea of even going. 

I know many of you may be thinking well I don’t need to be spending all this money on trips or maybe you need to start saving for your future….Yuck! Who actually wants to start saving for their future and start thinking about mortgage and bills?  So toss those thoughts somewhere deep deep deep down and leave them there until you plan to get married or have kids because these are the times to live it up and spend the little money we have.  

I’m trying to seize every opportunity while I’m young and have nothing to tie me down and if you are anything like me then I urge you to do the same and buy that damn ticket.  It doesn’t matter if its to Cancun, Europe or even somewhere short to visit a friend.  Do what makes you  happy and push yourself to make it happen.  


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