Where it all begins

I have never written a blog before or even considered myself a decent writer. So I was nervous when my social media professor announced we were to create a blog. It didn’t matter what it was, it just had to be something we were really passionate about.

If you are one of those people that know their passion in life and have since childhood then I envy you. However, if you are like me and still trying to figure out what you want with your life and what you are passionate about then you can understand the sense of panic I had.

I went on for several days thinking of things I was passionate about: travel, fashion, food. I couldn’t simply narrow it down to one specific topic, so I decided to try and incorporate all elements. So basically in a nutshell that’s what my blog is about. Travel. Fashion. Food.

I discovered my uncontrollable need for travel a year ago when my sister and I backpacked Europe. Ever since then I’ve been obsessed with looking at flights, hostels, and destinations. Really anything that has to do with going somewhere new is something I’d like to do.


This quote from Bill Bryson captures the feelings and excitement traveling has brought to my life.

I want to inspire everyone to make travel apart of their life.  My plans are to give you all the ins and outs of everything you will need and want on your next big adventure. I don’t want you to visit Paris and not bring the essential black leather jacket or not know where the top hostels are.
Please keep following and join me on this social media traveling extravaganza!


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